In the ancient Ashanti kingdom of West Africa, the Akrafo or “soul-washers” were the stewards of their community’s wellness.  They ritually purified, strengthened and revitalised the people. 

Heirs to this tradition, our herbal teas contain the continent’s finest ingredients, organically grown and ethically sourced from local farmers who have lovingly harvested it from our land. 

These are our soil’s precious gifts for both your nutrition and healing.”


AKRAFO is a socially responsible  gourmet brand, offering a wide range of organic and natural products with wellness properties including teas & herbal teas, honey, jams, mineral water, oils, spices & condiments.

All our products contain natural and organically grown, indigenous ingredients. They are made from precious plants whose vast array of healing and health-giving properties are essential for wellness and a healthy life. 

We only use the finest heirloom ingredients, nurtured in the African soil by caring local farmers, to create high value premium gourmet products. 

These are our soil’s precious gifts, for your nutrition and healing, lovingly created to reconnect people to the oneness of each other and with healing nature.

AKRAFO is a brand of the SWAADY group: